Arts and Science Council Grant

Happy to report I have been selected by the Arts & Science Council (ASC) of Charlotte, NC, to receive an Artist Project Grant for 2011. My project includes purchasing new studio equipment and creating a new body of work.
Top of my list for new studio equipment is a Fletcher 3000 Wall Mounted Multi-material Cutter. I’ve wanted this item for several years. The Fletcher straight cuts glass, acrylic, mat board, cardboard, etc. Cutting art materials to size is a breeze, particularly the pricey museum glass.
Also plan to acquire a table saw, miter saw, joiner, and sander to allow for experimentation with building frames and art panels.
My new body of work will focus on the three geographical areas of North Carolina: the mountains, piedmont, coast.
NOTE: A Fletcher 3000 Wall Mounted Multi-material Cutter was purchased, and installed. See image. It’s a beauty!