Cranberry Relish & Public Radio

Recently I donated my painting, Mama Stamberg’s Cranberry Relish, to WFAE 90.7 Public Radio in Charlotte, NC. Barbara Vermeire, Membership Development and Major Gifts Director, accepted the painting.
This gift was a long time coming. Actually since 2003, when WFAE started RadioVision–an art contest and exhibition representing memorable moments heard on public radio.
Upon hearing of RadioVision, the Cranberry Relish recipe came immediately to mind. National Public Radio (NPR) makes a point to share “The Recipe” with listeners every holiday season. The relish ingredients seem an odd mix, but many NPR listeners love it.
Wondering how to portray a recipe, I began by assembling the ingredients and arranging a still life on a hot pink table cloth. (The pink color of the tablecloth is a reference to the color of the final dish.) Many photos later an image was decided on, and a painting was created from that reference.
The finished painting was entered into Radiovision 2003, and won the Peoples Choice Award. It always felt like the painting belonged to WFAE–so now it does. I am happy it found it’s home.