SpectraFix TEST

There has been much talk of the newly developed pastel fixative, SprctraFix. It’s a casein based, non-toxic, non-yellowing product containing milk casein, water and high grade alcohol, that is sprayed on to art work from a pump spray bottle. The manufacture choose not to package the fixative in a pressurized can because of the possible negative effects of the propellant chemicals.

Here is my SpectraFix test:
1) Using a 5” x7” Gatorfoam board that had been coated with Goldens Pastel Ground, I generously applied pastel to the surface.
2) After photographing, the board was spritzed gently until it was wet but not runny. After drying, pastel dust still came off to the touch so I sprayed again, dried & photographed.

Conclusions: To my eye, I did see a small, but noticeable shift or settling of the pastel. I don’t believe the causal observer would see the change. I will continue to use SpectraFix when needed in the early stages of work–not as a final fixative to pastel paintings.