Update: Inspire! Ballantyne

Inspire Ballantyne Booth PanelsThe May 16th 2nd Annual INSPIRE! BALLANTYNE hosted by the Morrison YMCA (Charlotte, NC) started off in a big way. Hundreds of people of all ages participated in three races, with the proceeds benefiting the Y’s Outreach Program. Runners of all ages gave it their all.

Meanwhile, a diverse group of artists were setting up booths for the weekend Arts Festival. Everything was looked good until later that day when rain became an issue. Happily, my booth was selected “Best of Show”.

Not being an arts festival regular, I spent a good amount of time and thought preparing for this outdoor event. What I needed most was a way to professionally display my work. After lots of research, I bought three Gallery Stackable Panels made by Armstrong Products. The panel system is versatile, light weight, and best of all, fits in my vehicle. It was an financial investment, but I’m pleased with my purchase.